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Education and conservation for healthy communities

We promote education and conservation initiatives to build resilient rural communities that live in harmony with nature.

Access to education

We strive for equitable access to good education for all children, regardless of ethnicity or social status.​

Cultural diversity

We value multiculturalism as a source of creativity and innovation for any inclusive community.

Ecological business

We support business solutions that harmonise nature protection and community needs.

Participative democracy

We bring people together around common values and create collective decision-making processes.

About Us

Building communities around shared values

Alba Eglesia acts for the sustainable transformation of rural communities from Transylvania through education and conservation initiatives.

Founded in 1996 by a group of locals from Viscri

Heritage conservation for a strong community

We support local communities in defining and reaching their own sustainability goals. The core of our work is centred in Viscri, UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the surrounding villages. We strive to bring local actors together around common values and to collaborate on strategies for healthy social, cultural and economic growth.​

Come work with us and make a difference

We are happy to hear from you! Don’t hesitate to reach out with your ideas or if you wish to join our volunteering programme.

Our Mission

Initiatives of the foundation

Our mission is to coagulate people around common values such as participatory democracy, equal opportunity, multiculturalism, ecology.
We strive to identify and carry out practices that harmonise environmental conservation with healthy community development.


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The Educational Centre in 2023

Viscri map by children presented to HRM, King Charles III

World Heritage Volunteers Action Camp 2023

More than 25 years of community development

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